Ranchi lies in the heart of Jharkhand city and stands for outstanding  academic excellence. Our IAS coaching in Ranchi has been an integral part of the journey in guiding aspirants in their path to success. 

Getting enrolled in the 99notes IAS coaching center in Ranchi can make your dream come true. With adequate support and guidance from experts can help an aspirant to grow holistically, understanding the curriculum, personalized attention, and so on. 

From compulsory to optional, we cover all subjects ensuring every single student acquires exact guidance to excel. You will be equipped with all important UPSC study materials and test series to compete with the brilliant minds across the country. With our exclusive  techniques and methodologies, this journey will become immensely enjoyable. 

With a decade of experience in grooming UPSC aspirants, we have a team of top experts like retired IAS, IPS, IFS, IRTS officers, IITians, NITians to show you the right path to achieve success.  If you are looking for the best IAS coaching in Ranchi with affordable fees then your search ends here.

99notes IAS coaching center in Ranchi will handhold you until you live your dreams. So, be a part of our team and let’s enjoy this transformative journey together. 

What sets 99notes IAS coaching in Ranchi apart?

Finding an affordable IAS coaching in Ranchi is a roller coaster ride for aspirants. As an aspirant, before finalizing an institute you need to have all relevant information about their process and quality of education. To shed light on our methodology, we have added here certain key factors. Take a look:

  • Best IAS/UPSC Mentors in Ranchi

Our team consists of top notch qualified and experienced bureaucrats like IAS, IPS, IFS, IRTS officers to provide you guidance. They are around the clock available to address all your queries and concerns.

  • Affordable IAS Coaching Fees in Ranchi

IAS coaching fee is a major concern for aspirants. They spend lakhs to get the best quality education from the right institution. At 99notes IAS Coaching Institute, you will get the most affordable course fee which is 10 times lesser than other organizations. We also provide a loan facility with 0% EMI.

  • Personalized Attention

At 99notes, we understand that every student has a different mindset and level of comprehending ideas and thoughts. We believe in tailored classes whenever it is required to aid aspirants.

  • Best IAS Test Series

Our experts have keenly crafted a set of test series that guides the students to prepare well for the examination. With the help of our latest test series, you can unlock your potential and understand the areas of improvement.

  • UPSC Study Materials & Detailed Notes

From subjective to general awareness, we have the best and latest study materials for students that provide adequate knowledge to ace the UPSC exam. We have extensively covered all major and minor concepts to equip you with right information.

  • Best UPSC Mock Interviews (Free)

UPSC Mock interviews are a nightmare for aspirants. This is the last stage where your attentiveness and presence of mind is being tested by top bureaucrats. Therefore, at 99notes you can avail free IAS mock interview sessions to prepare well. 

Best IAS coaching in Ranchi with fee structure

If you have made up your mind to be associated with 99notes, the best IAS coaching in Ranchi then let go of all your woes and worries. We have especially designed the most affordable fee structure that suits every student’s budget. Take a look at UPSC coaching fee structure below –

Fee PlanBatch Type1 Year Foundation Course(Offline) Target Year 2025
Coaching Fees with Installment in RanchTotal Fees: 115000/-Registration: 5000/-
1st Installment: 45000/-
2nd Installment: 13000/-
3rd Installment: 13000/-
4th Installment: 13000/-
5th Installment: 13000/-
6th Installment: 13000/-
Batch Size: 60
Registration: 5000/-Total Fees: 115000/-
Max installments: 6 Months0% Interest
Includes Lectures + Class Notes + Writing Practice
Optional SubjectsFees-Offline BatchFees-Online Batch

Subjects Covered at 99notes IAS Coaching in Ranchi

We believe in nurturing students from the ground level. Every compulsory and optional subject of the UPSC exam is being taught by our talented experts. Take a quick look the subjects added below for you reference –

Compulsory SubjectsOptional Subjects
Indian HistorySociology
Indian PolityPublic Administration
Indian EconomyGeography
General ScienceHistory
Current AffairsPSIR
Environment & EcologyPhilosophy
Ethics & IntegrityEconomics
Literature (Various Languages)
Commerce & Accountancy
Medical Science
Engineering Subjects

Batch Details of Best IAS Coaching in Ranchi 

We have separate batches for students based on their feasibility. According to your time and availability, choose the most suitable one. Check out the time table of our IAS coaching center in Ranchi.

Morning BatchMonday to Friday9:00AM-11:00AM
Pre Noon BatchMonday to Friday11:30AM-1:30PM
Afternoon BatchMonday to Friday2:00PM-4:00PM
Evening Batch 01Monday to Friday4:30PM-6:00PM
Evening Batch 02Monday to Friday5:30PM-7:30PM
Weekend BatchSaturday & SundayMorning- 9:00AM-2:00PM, Evening-3:00PM-8:00PM
May – 20242 BatchesB051: 14th May 2024, B052: 27th May 2024
June – 20242 BatchesB061: 10th June 2024, B062: 24th June 2024
July – 20243 BatchesB071: 1st July 2024, B072: 15th July 2024, B073: 29th July 2024
August – 20242 BatchesB081: 12th August 2024, B082: 26th August 2024

Why 99notes is Best IAS coaching in Ranchi?

There are a number of factors that contribute to the success rate of 99notes IAS coaching in Ranchi. We provide overall support to students on every level and nurture well. Some key pointers are – 

  • Top notch IAS coaching techniques

Analyzing the importance of digitalization, the best IAS coaching in Ranchi incorporates innovative learning techniques for aspirants. We provide online mentoring, interactive webinars, and AI-based self-learning sessions for the overall development of the student.

Focused IAS learning approach

Our focused and personalized learning approach has significantly contributed to the growth of best IAS coaching in Ranchi. Unlike the traditional pedagogy, we adhere to new technology to provide equal and personalized attention to every student. Focusing on their weak areas, 99notes works aggressively to the overall growth of students. 

Interesting discussion and sessions

Discussion plays a vital role in the journey of becoming an IAS officer.  We emphasize on interactive sessions in our IAS coaching institute in Ranchi to foster a student’s growth. Unlike other institutes, 99notes works towards making the classes active and engaging with the help of activities like debates, group discussion, problem solving activities and so on.

Mock tests and real-time assessment

In order to access the learning capacity of a student, we conduct regular tests and assessments on ongoing topics. We tend to provide theoretical as well as practical knowledge to our students. These weekly tests and assessments help to figure out the weak areas and provide tailored solutions to improve. 

Best UPSC guidance strategies

To crack the UPSC exam effectively, our retired IAS, IPS, IFS, IRTS officers provide certain strategies and guidelines to perform well in the examination. Our one to one exceptional sessions provide guidance to every single student to nurture the abilities of aspirants.

Key strategies to find best IAS coaching in Ranchi

There are certain tactics associated with finding the best IAS coaching in Ranchi. Let’s explore the pointers that you need to consider before finalising one.

  • Research about the reviews of the coaching institute from the previous students. These feedbacks will help you comprehend the teaching quality of the institution.
  • Take a look at the track record of the IAS coaching institute of Ranchi and understand the past performance of the students.  If the institute has produced successful candidates then it can be a plus point for you.
  • Evaluate the experience, qualification and teaching methodology of the faculty members of the IAS institute. Faculty having extensive experience can teach with the right techniques for the UPSC exam.
  • Check the frequency of mock tests and practice sessions the institute offers. These series are crucial to assess your progress and work on areas for improvement.
  • Always look for an institute that believes in personalised mentorship and support. These sessions can guide you to address your strengths, weaknesses, and learning needs.
  • Considering the infrastructure facilities available in IAS coaching centre in Ranchi is also important such as  classrooms, library resources, online learning platforms, doubt-clearing sessions and so on.
  • Institute location and accessibility is a major concern for students. If the institution is offering IAS coaching in Ranchi with hostel then it’s convenient. 

Testimonials for IAS Coaching in Ranchi

“99notes is the best IAS coaching in Ranchi. They have the best experts to provide the right direction to achieve your dreams.”

“I am pleased that I decided to lock this institute. The representatives helped me to get a bank loan on time with no cost EMI. This helped me to live my dreams without having a burden of expenses.”

“The right expert can show you the right direction, similarly the experts of IAS coaching in Ranchi helped to work on my weak areas and prepare well for the examination. UPSC wouldn’t have been possible with 99notes.”

“The mock interview was one the most interesting parts of this coaching. They provide real time experience and also shared an adequate report that has helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses. Opting 99notes for the best UPSC coaching was one the best decision that I have made.”

It’s time to choose top IAS coaching in Ranchi

We have students in our batch from posh as well as rural locations of Ranchi. 99notes provide equal attention to every aspirant and understand their needs and requirements. From free UPSC study materials to UPCS mock interviews, we will handhold you in reaching your destination. Without having any second thought in your mind, connect with our representatives. Be wise and choose the best IAS coaching in Ranchi

Best IAS Coaching in Ranchi Contact Details

Email – info@99Notes.in

Call – 011-61381450/ 9654638994

Best IAS Coaching in Ranchi Location with Directions

Frequently Asked Questions About Best IAS Coaching in Ranchi

  1. Are there any scholarships or financial aid options available for IAS coaching in Ranchi?

    Yes, there are numerous institutions available in Ranchi that offer financial support for students. 99notes provide a scholarship called “99N DIKSHA SCHOLARSHIP INITIATIVE ”.

    How much does IAS coaching in Ranchi cost?
    This scholarship is specially designed to support and empower students to crack the UPSC exam. Not all organizations provide this opportunity, therefore you can also be the one to get the scholarship. 

  2. How much does IAS coaching in Ranchi cost?

    Numerous IAS coaching in Ranchi that offers affordable course fee. You need to analyze and deeply understand the cost of the course. This will help you to get a better understanding of which institute is offering the best IAS coaching in Ranchi with affordable fee.

  3. What are the top 7 IAS coaching institutes in Ranchi?

    If you are looking for best IAS coaching institutions in Ranchi then some of them are added here for you, take a look at the names – Chanakya Ias Academy, The Prayas India, 99notes IAS Coaching Institute, Student Circle, Ambition Civil Services Academy, Shankar IAS Academy, Drishti IAS and so on.

  4. How do I choose the best IAS coaching institute in Ranchi?

    If you wish to find the ebay IAS coaching institute in Ranchi then there are multiple things that you need to consider.

    We have added here certain points that you must take care of – IAS coaching fee, UPSC study materials, free recorded sessions, track record and review, faculty’s education and experience, mock test and test series and so on. These are some common factors that you must take care of. So, be wise and choose the right institute for yourself. 

  5. How do I track my progress during the IAS coaching institute?

    You need to work hard to upscale yourself. In order to track your progress, institutions provide test series and regular tests to access the understanding level of the students.